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Re: SETI Cydonia is a Place Not a Face

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Tue, 24 Nov 1998 01:56:47 -0800

You wrote:

>The face disappeared with the recent HIGHER resolution imaging of
>Mars. There is no face on Mars except in people's imaginations.

You are clearly mistaken.

Please examine the object which we discovered at Cydonia:

Face II

This is non the object considered "The Face". Rather this is a second
object of nearly identical size located within the "city" area at
Cydonia. The object is aligned perfectly north-south, it rests on a
symmetrical base which follows the contour of the face, and it includes
an eye, nose, mouth, ear, tapered chin, hemispherical forehead, and a
shadow which indicates a 3-dimensional nose.

Again this object is nearly two kilometers long by 1.5 kilometeres wide
and it is located at the westernmost edge of the "city" at Cydonia on

We discovered this object using NASA data and posted our initial site
concerning it on July 31, 1997.

Over the last 16 months, the site has been visited by over a dozen NASA
locations, scores of military bases, dozens of scientific laboratories,
as well as both houses of Congress, the Whitehouse and a huge list of
other "impressive" related networks.

We believe that the search for ETI should begin at the site of the
clearest evidence as indicated on our site.

Serious comments please. Ridicule if you must, but please examine the
data on our site as well as high-resolution prints obtainable from NASA


The WebMaster
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