archiv~1: SETI Screen saver theory

SETI Screen saver theory

RonBlue ( (no email) )
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 23:58:05 -0500

Screen saver theory. I would say I have walked into my house and found
my screen saver was not on at least 30 times over the last year.

As a former member of Air Force Intelligence, I am confident that no
government agent was in your house because a real SETI hit would
have been confirmed by thousands. There is no need to cover up
something that is not there. If there was, the discovery of pulsar many
years ago would have been covered up.

Many years ago a friend of a local congressman forced the Air Force
to investigate and elderly womans claims of UFO over her house and
being visited in her house. She had kept good records. They
were so good that when the truth came out, she was see B52s flying over
her house on training runs. Her mountainous area was chosen because
the radar returns were very similar to Russia. Because she had a close
friend in the congressman the B52s flew elsewhere.

Remember KISS - Keep it simple stupid.

Ron Blue