archiv~1: Re: SETI Re: EQ Peg hoax.

Re: SETI Re: EQ Peg hoax.

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 17:33:34 -0500

At 11:29 AM 11/22/98 -0800, Jim Ostrowski wrote:

>Now , I am certainly on the verge of getting my posts to the seti league
>list censored or blocked out completely. I've encountered a very hostile
>group of people.

Please get your facts straight:
(1) is NOT a SETI League list. It is an OPEN list which is
provided as a public service by an individual (Bob Cutter) who just happens
to be a SETI League member.
(2) Nobody has ever been censored or blocked from that list. Nobody has
even ever been censored or blocked from the SETI League's official *closed*
email lists, provided they meet the criteria for enrollment. In the case
of ARGUS, that is simply SETI League membership (and anyone in the world
can become a member). In the case of HITS, our closed signal-verification
list, we do require that you be a member *and* a registered participating
station (this restriction is to prevent the very kinds of problems which an
anonymous hacker caused us last month). But within these restrictions, we
do NOT censor. Spirited dialog is in the best interest of science, right
up to the point that it shuts down scientific effort.
(3) I'm sorry you find some on the open list (who may or may not be SETI
League members) hostile. They do not speak for The SETI League, Inc.
OTOH, our members have wasted a lot of time repeatedly answering questions
which have, in their opinions, already been eloquently answered. We'd like
to get on with our work, and our lives.

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