archiv~1: Re: SETI ATNF clams up on 1.451 ghz hit.

Re: SETI ATNF clams up on 1.451 ghz hit.

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 16:48:08 -0500

At 10:35 AM 11/21/98 -0800, Jim Ostrowski wrote:

>Let's start with the Hoagland website's critique and take it from there.
>I believe that Hoagland has a "Dr." in front of his name

No, in fact he doesn't; he has a Masters degree in physics. That Ph.D. is
one of the misconceptions being perpetuated about Mr. Hoagland. Another is
that he's a "NASA scientist." The truth, as I understand it, is that he
once did some contract work for NASA.

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