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SETI Re: EQ Peg hoax.

Jim Ostrowski ( )
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 11:29:46 -0800 wrote:

> One question for you Jim .What Is your opinion on the EQ Pegasi thing? Real
> OR Hoax?

I don't know but I lean towards a hoax intended to discredit those who
find something real, except someone IMPORTANT that is, like Dr. Norris
of Australian Telescope National Facility (ATNF).

I subscribed to the SETI league list and posted my concerns about The
ATNF (Dr. Norris)
observation of a signal coming from the direction of EQ peg. This was
after I went directly to Norris himself... he refused to comment
further. Then I went back and rechecked his web page where the results
were posted , it denied me access , where before it had been open to
public scrutiny.

Now , I am certainly on the verge of getting my posts to the seti league
list censored or blocked out completely. I've encountered a very hostile
group of people.

The point is a bigtime Radio Telescope was aimed in the direction where
a reported ET signal was observed , a very narrow band signal was found
centered within .01 PERCENT
of the frequency reported, also very close to the position indicated
within a degree or two, and this signal, within a 20 minute span of time
was observed to modulate down in amplitude. It was concluded by Dr.
Norris that this signal was from a satellite moving at about two degrees
per hour. This would give it an orbital period of 180 hours. Therefore
if Dr. Norris terminated this observation in less than 20 minutes , that
would mean it only moved 1/3 of a degree before Norris made his
conclusion, IF in fact it was moving across the beampath as he inferred.

This inference was derived from the time it took for the source to
modulate down in amplitude giving the impression that it was crossing
the beam path of the dish. However it could also mean that the source
was remaining in position and just "pinging" up and down in amplitude
over the time indicated.

Even if it was a satellite, which one? What kind of modulation mode is
it employing?
What is a satellite doing out there in such a high orbit? Why did Dr.
Norris say he found nothing when he definitely found SOMETHING? Nobody
on the list wants to deal with any of these questions. It's like thay
don't want to know and don't care. These are the people who we are
supposed to trust to find the answer to the question "is there anyone
out there trying to get our attention?" But all that seems to be going
on is circling of the wagons around Dr. Norris and defending his
contradictory statements. They definitely do not want to discuss who
might have perptrated the "hoax", except to hint that maybe I did it.

Let's see, I can do gif pixel modification with my onboard software, I
know basic astronomy terms like Right Ascension and Declination. I even
know how to create a geocities website..

I'm going to post a copy of this to the seti list if you don't mind ,
Joe. Let's see if anyone wants to be the cop and grill me as to whether
or not I am the hoaxer . This will be fun.

Jim O.