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Re: SETI Re: ATNF clams up on 1.451 ghz hit.

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> How about this:
> 1. His (Dr.Norris') conclusions were arbitrary, NOT reasoned.
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> No; it was based upon experience.

I take it then that when Norris positioned his antenna at the source
indicated, and found a signal which deviated less than .01 percent from
the frequency alleged, this
is sufficient to conclude, based on experience, that there was nothing

That WAS the conclusion contained in the subject line of Norris'
message, BTW. However,
we learn upon reading the message itself, Norris controverts himself by
saying he found a satellite. Why did the subject line not say THAT?

Show me the reasonableness of either conclusion, would you? Is it likely
that when a radio telescope is pointed at some compeletely arbitrary
source having no basis in objective reality, that he would just happen
to find a satellite by chance? How often does that happen?

Keep in mind the odds. They are the equivalent of someone picking a
completely random
set of celestial coordinates AND frequency range for a signal and
expecting to find something nearly exactly as imagined.

> The signal strength and frquency at which
> Norris saw the interference was incompatible with the other
> --alleged--observations, which were wrong anyway because they were fabricated.

Norris didn't know that at the time, presumably. That being the case,
this is all mighty suspicious.

Comment: The fact that I may be the only one who finds this rather odd
says something.
It makes ME curious , but not you. Why? Curiosity is what's supposed to
drive science, but I'm the only one who finds this to be a really
strange (anomalous) situation. I suppose this means I am a misfit.

Before I came here I went directly to Dr. Norris with my concerns. He
"clammed up". Before coming here I rechecked his website - IT clammed up
(denied access). Now I am here and am on the verge of getting the door
slammed in my face again. Curiosuer and curiouser....

Oh well, hope you all enjoy "fitting in" around here. Just you all keep
quiet about this
and you are guaranteed not to become a misfit like me.

OK is this it? Can I unsubscribe now and everyone has said everything
they have to say on this subject?

Jim Ostrowski

When I come here to find out what others with experience in the subject
matter think, nobody
can explain

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