archiv~1: [Fwd: Re: SETI ATNF clams up on 1.451 ghz hit.]

[Fwd: Re: SETI ATNF clams up on 1.451 ghz hit.]

Jim Ostrowski ( )
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 08:43:37 -0800

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Subject: Re: SETI ATNF clams up on 1.451 ghz hit.
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> In a message dated 11/21/98 2:43:29 PM Eastern Standard Time, jimostr@ca-
> writes:
> << > What's the big mystery?
> The fact that you have to ask this question illustrates the problem.
> It's obvious to me but apparently your particular orientation and
> mindset prevents you from seeing it somehow, Dr. Cohen.
> >>
> You just don't get it, so let me be as direct as possible; we don't give a
> damn about the hoax on this list.

You asked the question, I answered it. By asking a question clearly
relevant to the hoax issue it is YOU who is responsible for continuing
the thread, not me.

> It is about SETI. I didn't have anything to
> do with the hoax. SL folks didin't have anything to do with the hoax. Case
> closed.

Fine. Thank you for your opinion.

> I appreciate that this hoax and the hoaxers are important to YOU. It's
> just not important to US.

Then why are you discussing it? Since you are not yet a member of the
SL, who is the "us" you make reference to?

> So, I once again ask you to pursue it somewhere
> where such thoughts are better entertained. It is up to you to define how your
> time is used; for us such time devoted to conspiracies and hoaxes is wasted.

Please then do not waste any more of your time, by all means just ignore
any further commentary of mine about the subject. You have the option of
deleting my messages without reading them, I'm sure.

This thread will just die out from lack of interest I would assume if
everyone just decides not to discuss it. When I have what appears to be
everyone's final comment on the matter, I will take it elsewhere as I

On the other hand, if the comments include questions addressed to me, do
not be surprised if I make a response, as I did in this case.