archiv~1: Re: SETI Ignore the misinformation, or argue it out?

Re: SETI Ignore the misinformation, or argue it out?

David Ocame ( )
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 10:05:29 -0500 wrote:
> We all have a basic philosophical decision to make here on the Seti List.
> Because of the rampant spread of mysticism, wishful thinking, pseudoscience,
> new-age moderninsm, 'Social Deconstruction' ala Alan Sokol, etc, we have to
> decide if we are going to attempt to ignore the misinformation, or argue it
> out. There are a lot of posts saying something like 'go away, this is a
> scientific list' or 'delete this thread' etc.
> Then there are some people who see these misguided folks as a major threat
> to enlightened (i.e. reasoned, scientific) thinking, and wish to attempt to
> bring them around to reason. Or at lease publicly refute them, in order to
> keep the damage to a minimum. No science has this tension more palpable than
> the science of Seti (or maybe, the science of Ufology just might have it
> harder). What are we going to do? I see no consensus on the matter.
> John Marcus.
> KE3SW.
IMHO, I think we should, above all, keep the discussions scientific,
teach and redirect where warranted (as you have thankfully done for me
at times:), and IGNORE those who insist on using flames in an attempt to
get their point across.

This is an open list, yes. But it is still the SETI-L's list, is it not?
We need to take control of our list again. Is there a way of purging
non-members from this list? Non-members who flame the scientific efforts
of others?