archiv~1: SETI Ignore the misinformation, or argue it out?

SETI Ignore the misinformation, or argue it out?
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 21:48:51 EST

We all have a basic philosophical decision to make here on the Seti List.
Because of the rampant spread of mysticism, wishful thinking, pseudoscience,
new-age moderninsm, 'Social Deconstruction' ala Alan Sokol, etc, we have to
decide if we are going to attempt to ignore the misinformation, or argue it
out. There are a lot of posts saying something like 'go away, this is a
scientific list' or 'delete this thread' etc.
Then there are some people who see these misguided folks as a major threat
to enlightened (i.e. reasoned, scientific) thinking, and wish to attempt to
bring them around to reason. Or at lease publicly refute them, in order to
keep the damage to a minimum. No science has this tension more palpable than
the science of Seti (or maybe, the science of Ufology just might have it
harder). What are we going to do? I see no consensus on the matter.

John Marcus.