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<< he logic of the DIPR method is beautiful!
Would the algorithm for the data processing still look like a scan of the
for Doppler, only with added correlation with a similar signal at the same
It is easy to picture a method of looking for a similar progression of
counts in different bin sets, but I am sure that this is only a beginning...
(pardon my obvious inexperience/ignorance here)
I haven't yet seen the Cohen papers, but have expected that this would be
Thought experiments concerning the idea of Polychromatic SETI inevitably
lead to the need for wideband acquisition (as much as possible), and the
hardware does exist to do this fairly cheaply at least at modest BW.
I have been doing simple experiments with acquisition of multiple signals,
and acccepting the limitation of BW and the complication of simultaneous
spectrum acquisition there is no question that this can be explored by us.
May we hear more of your models of how you would see this implemented, Chip?

John Willcox
Project Argus Observatory FM29fx >>

Hi John--

This will take several posts. OK if I go into it Wed? Have the day off and I
can do it justice then:-)