archiv~1: SETI - Redherring - continued - Hmm...

SETI - Redherring - continued - Hmm...

Ray Shank ( (no email) )
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 14:45:56 -0600

Hello gang, and the group.

I have a hypothetical question.

I have heard, through TV and other sources, that the criminal
always returns to the scene of the crime.

Let's say, I was the hoaxster. I did my homework. I did the
best I could to bring myself fame and fortune, by being able
to spoof the pros into actually thinking I was the first to
receive a signal from ET. But, my efforts were soon to be
discovered as what they really were. And all my dreams of
laying around in the lime light vanished overnight. I brew
and brew, and suddenly a light goes on.

What would be wrong with going right up to the same professionals
that exposed the crime, so I could learn EXACTLY what I did wrong.
(or better yet, what to do right later.) I would definatly want
to know WHO it was that FIRST to discovered the crime. I might
want to try 'to get in good' with them, as to lend me some sort
of credibility, or I might want to simply find out more about them
in case I needed to try to discredit them later.

Of course, since no one knew exactly who I was, I could be whoever
I wanted to be, as I continued to do my research. My research would
be, trying to find out exactly what I need to produce, to enable me
to pull the wool over the eyes of those who would discredit me.

Then I'd be rich!

Hmmm... Just thought I'd ask...

Ray Shank -
Argus Observatory EM26eh
Construction Site