archiv~1: A new way to help the SETI League!

A new way to help the SETI League!

Markus Landgren ( )
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 21:22:30 +0100

Hello everybody,

I'm writing to suggest a way for you to help the SETI League. For
one year I have supported worthy causes by viewing advertisements
on the web, through a company called EyeGive.

It works like this: Every time I start my browser I go to a page
with advertisements at EyeGive. I can then choose to click on an
advertisement, or if they don't interest me I can just click
through to the website I normally would have selected as the home
page in my browser. For every visit EyeGive shares their revenues
with the non-profit organization of my choice. And the effort I
need to put into it is close to none at all.

During this year, with five visits per day and a modest 6 cents
per visit, I have generated about $100 for and
SETI@home. That's what a single member can do.
One of the organizations I've supported,, has
gathered more than $7000 through EyeGive, in less than a year.

Today I've submitted the SETI League's contact information to
EyeGive, and selected the League as my favorite non-profit. Now
all that's missing is more members signing up with EyeGive.
You can check it out at or use the link to sign up
right away. This link will automatically select the SETI League
as your favorite non-profit, unless you choose another non-profit
during the registration process.

EyeGive really works, they won't give your e-mail adress to anyone,
and you won't recieve any spam e-mail. I've been a member for more
than a year, and all I've heard from them is their monthly e-mail
newsletter, and if you don't want that you can unsubscribe from it
at any time, without having to leave EyeGive.

Let's make this a big success!

Thanks for your time,

Markus Landgren, Sweden