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SETI Re: rudeness

Jim Ostrowski ( )
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 19:17:48 -0800 wrote:
> In a message dated 11/19/98 8:42:22 PM Eastern Standard Time, jimostr@ca-
> writes:
> > I love playing devil's advocate. Tell you what Doc,
> You have every right to speak your mind in this free country. But it is
> discourteus and immoral to excercise your rights in this manner. I will be
> relieved when the rudeness is gone. If you wish a scientific dialogue, then
> the professor should be given the honor of referring to him as professor, or
> at least his name of Chip, not as the dimunuative of 'Doc'.

I apologize. Sorry. No disrespect intended.

> > I'll take this
> > thread elswhere as you suggest. If anyone has any final comments I'll
> > wait one more day before unsubscibing, I got what I came here for -
> > general comments on the Norris observation.
> > Thanks to all, yourself included Dr. Cohen.
See? I corrected my mistake in the same letter.

> Good by.


Jim O.