archiv~1: Re: SETI ATNF clams up on 1.451 ghz hit.

Re: SETI ATNF clams up on 1.451 ghz hit.

Jim Ostrowski ( )
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 18:48:18 -0800 wrote:
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> So it appears we have a case where a hoax is solved by yourself and some
> associate(s) of yours as to content BEFORE it is even perpetrated in a
> public way.
> How conveeeeenient!
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> How wrooooooong!
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Dear Professor,

Look, as I said I will unsubscribe today , but I don't want to leave
here without having my facts straight when I take this subject
elsewhwere as you suggested.

I quote _DR._ Shuch:

"Actually, the analysis was done between registered Project Argus
participants, on the *closed* signal verification email list, two days
before the alleged signal was posted to the open list, and before the
Geocities site even came into existence."

Is this incorrect?

Jim Ostrowski