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SETI Hmm...

Ray Shank ( )
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 22:39:04 -0600

Well, guyz...

I think Jimmy boy and Mikey are remnants of the "Lets keep the ole HOAX
discussion churning crowd" or, more affectionately called "The Mickey Mouse

I personally will not discuss this topic any further, save saying I will
not discuss this topic any further. I think there's an echo in here. It's
kinda like bouncing off the interior of the empty heads of the people that
insist that there IS SOMETHING THERE, in the data of the HOAX. Just to
keep fanning the fire. I think that they may be considered
"CO-CONSPIRATORS" of the HOAX. At least I belive they are.

I think it's a total waste of anyone's time to discuss it farther.
Especially since the "WORLD RENOWN EXPERT" Art Smell, oops, I mean 'bell'
hath spoken it. It is what is it is, and no amount of UFO pictures will
prove it otherwise.

Personally, I have had some really good laughs, and belly rolls at what
these 'whiz bangs' have come up with. It's uncanny to see, just how far
they go, to try to convince us that their utter make believe CRAP is
something that we should actually spend time on. Of course, we do, because
the REAL SCIENTIST mind feels that it is our responsibility to check it
out. Of course, while we do, real work goes by undone and undiscovered.

Come on guyz! There is way too much work to be done, than to keep fanning
the fires of dead ashes. Let the ones who want to fan the HOAX's fires go
to other web sites and lists that show fuzzy, out of focus, renderings of
PLAY UFO's and other mind toys from graphic programs.

Let's abandon the CRAP and get the SETI list back ON TOPIC, get some
project work underway, and bring the list back up to a level where it needs
to be.

Thanks for letting me throw in my 3 cents worth. "Just say no." :)

CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ray Shank -
Argus Observatory EM26eh
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