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SETI Re: rudeness
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 21:50:20 EST

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> I love playing devil's advocate. Tell you what Doc,

You have every right to speak your mind in this free country. But it is
discourteus and immoral to excercise your rights in this manner. I will be
relieved when the rudeness is gone. If you wish a scientific dialogue, then
the professor should be given the honor of referring to him as professor, or
at least his name of Chip, not as the dimunuative of 'Doc'.

> I'll take this
> thread elswhere as you suggest. If anyone has any final comments I'll
> wait one more day before unsubscibing, I got what I came here for -
> general comments on the Norris observation.
> Thanks to all, yourself included Dr. Cohen.

Good by. >>

Thanks John--

Funny, but I never felt comfortable with 'Doc'; reminds me of that kid in
'Journey to the Beginning of Time'. Now you know how old I am:-)