archiv~1: Re: SETI ATNF clams up on 1.451 ghz hit.

Re: SETI ATNF clams up on 1.451 ghz hit.

Dr. H. Paul Shuch ( (no email) )
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 15:59:13 -0500

At 09:55 PM 11/19/98 -0800, Jim Ostrowski wrote:

>OK. I was just wondering about how the process went in this particular
>instance. It was stated that numerous attempts were made to verify the
>signal by SETI league members. This was presumably before the geocities
>site was scrutinised by whoever finally uncovered the hoaxter's
>technique and methods, which must have taken up a fair amount of time.

Actually, the analysis was done between registered Project Argus
participants, on the *closed* signal verification email list, two days
before the alleged signal was posted to the open list, and before the
Geocities site even came into existence.

>Meanwhile, I presume, the procedure of turning the SETI league's
>membership's antennas in the direction of EQ Pegasi resulted in no
>signals observed.


>How then was this communicated to you that there was
>nothing to report? If numerous people
>made the attempt, how would you become aware of that if none of them
>said anything about their effort?

This was done through the *closed* signal verification email list, exactly
as our Verification Protocols (on the web) dictate. Thanks for asking.

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