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Re: SETI Off-topic Censorious Posts

James Sharman ( (no email) )
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 11:14:59 -0000

>***{If NASA told you that Mars should be at a location and, when you
>looked, you saw a kangaroo, does that mean you would label the kangaroo as
>"Mars" and think no more about the matter? If so, then I think you are a
>bit odd. :-) Seriously, what your above comment tells me is that you
>haven't checked out the suncruiser website. I suggest that you do so, and
>*then* tell me whether what you see could be Mars. The link is
> Enjoy! --Mitchell Jones}***

I'm afraid I am not an expert on identifying large alien motherships so I
can't really comment on that part. However the various comments on this
list motivated me to go take a look at the picture. I would (as would most
people) love to see a large alien mothership in our system but I would
require some degree of proof before I accepted it.

Go take a look a tthe picture for yourselves if you have not already done
so. I looked at it but I didn't see an alien mothership and I didn't see
mars. Neither of these are quite supprising, only someone trained in
studying these kinds of images is really going to be able to identify it
(And I certainly have no such training or experience). What I did see
however was an odd bloby shape that bared a very striking similarity to the
ink blotches that psycologists show people in order to understand how their
mind works.

The principle of this is as follows, show someone an ink blotch that isn't
really an image of anything in particular and study what a person thinks
they see. Prehaps what we have here is a rather telling psycological picture
of certain elements of the UFO fringe.