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SETI The darkness and the candle

Luis Antonio Magana Pineda ( )
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 12:12:07 -0600

I've followed the discussion about the so call Soho pictures and
I understand why you lads at SETI are so angry.

Unfortunatelly, there are more UFO belivers than science followers,
but that's the way it is. These people, UFO belivers, are willing to
belive in cheap TV slogans like "The Truth is out there" from the
X Files rather than make an effort to understand the basic science

Out there's more darkness than truth, but let me humbly remember you
lads at SETI, that you are the candle in the dark. And you really are.
In my small world I have to face UFO belivers, spiritist, ghost seakers,
and crap like that. And the information I find in your list helps me
a lot to destroy the pseudo-scientific arguments.

Let's fight this guys with patience, data and maths.

Carry on, lads.

Luis Antonio Magagna