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SETI Work + Discipline + Knowledge = Science
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 02:03:53 +0000


I would like to emphasize that I am seeking the truth here.

Good. We all are, but we work for it. It is not a theory that the
hoaxed so-called SETI 'Hit' was improperly handled. The reason
everyone is so upset, the hoaxer(s?), went to the press first,
breaking all the established rules of verification conduct. These
rules of conduct were established to circumvent these type fiascos.
The hoaxer did not care about the validity or the value of the data
to science or its value to Humanity, he apparently cared only about

I am not committed to the idea that "Paul Dore" got a bona fide SETI
hit at all.

Good. He did not.

I am merely having a lot of difficulty agreeing with the hoax

It is not a theory. Read the list archives, then you too may be a
KNOWER OF SOME OF THE TRUTH. But, since you won't, I'll explain it to
you; the hoaxer was caught cooking the data. In tech talk that means
the hoaxer was dry-labing the data, making it up and he was caught.
The posts to this list are stored in the list archives. Go there and
read them. If you are as logical as you desire us to believe,
you will do so; it is the next logical step. Then you too will KNOW
the truth about the hoax.

>More guessing
There seems....

If you read the list archives, you don't have to be a SETI
scientist or investigator or work and you won't have to guess. The
other possibility, is study radio-astronomy science as it relates to
microwave SETI; this course takes work. Or you could very nicely (you
have burned many bridges) ask the list members what and how to read
the data as it relates to microwave SETI and DO THE WORK YOURSELF,
i.e., look at the hoaxed data files/gifs, the first one, the second
and etc., then corellate the e-mail posts to this list to the posted
hoaxed data and NICELY ask more questions and stop the guessing.

The only place the "theory" exists is in your mind and all the other
guessers' minds who would rather be guessers than do the science
themselves. Same problem exists with the Cydonia crowd, none of them
are willing to do the work. Armchair pseudo-scientists who don't
trust the real scientists who made the machines that acquired the
data and the pseudo-scientists won't get off of their butts to do the
work themselves. They are babbling.

>Mitchell be a lot of information that cuts the other way,...

How do you know? You have no idea what the data means, if you
did, you would already know the truth. In science, logic is not
enough, you need data + logic + much hard work. A freind I
met at Argonne National Labs, Ed Laird, (nuclear physicist, died
-brain tumor, '96) told me, that "science is 10% inspiration and 90%
work". If you REALLY want to know, do the analysis work yourself. You
don't trust anybody, but you insinuate everybody is wrong and tout a
"hoax theory", which none of the long term members on this list
support and you do nothing yourself.

So what do you know? Nothing, because you can't do the verification
yourself. That is the personification of pseudo-science. You are a
pseudo-scientist, an arm-chair wonder. No clue how to understand the
data, no interest to study how to understand the data, nor interest
to understand the data. But you can run your mouth like
an Olympic athlete. (Frac?)

...and I think this matter is far too important to be dismissed with
a wave of the hand.

Many of the people on this list personally checked the data, they did
the work, they know the truth. You do not. You are not in their
class, you have no idea what the truth is, nor are you willing to
trust the people who do know the truth and you are not willing to do
the work. You are lost.

Last Message. Mitchell Jones = Deletia.