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Re: SETI Off-topic Censorious Posts

Daniel Boyd Fox ( )
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 11:15:01 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Mitchell Jones wrote:

> ***{I have seen claims that the "suncruiser" was really Mars, as well as
> claims that it was Saturn or a comet, but such arguments leave me cold. The
> reason: it is apparent by simple inspection that it could be none of those
> things. Frankly, I haven't seen any claims that the "suncruiser" has been
> tracking the coordinates of Mars or those of Saturn, so I can't speak to
> that. Nevertheless, let's suppose that some object, just for the sake of
> argument, always seems to be where Mars should be, when we point our
> telescopes at it. However, when we actually look through our telescopes at
> the object, we see a kangaroo. The question is: should we label the
> kangaroo as "Mars" and go on to other activities, or should we pause and
> consider the possibility that something odd is going on? In my view, common
> sense dictates that we should do the latter. Unfortunately, common sense
> does not yet seem to have entered the picture where the "suncruiser" is
> concerned. --Mitchell Jones}***

If the SOHO image was the one NASA said showed Mars, it did indeed show
Mars. Checking a planetarium program did indeed show that Mars should be
in the image. I'm amused that this dribble is still being spouted.

> ***{Well, I don't have a computer program to check out your claim, but when
> I visualize the situation, what you say looks wrong to me. The sun will
> cross the ascension plane of EQ Peg about a week before it crosses the
> ascension plane of the vernal equinox--which means: about Sept. 15. [These
> two ascension planes are separated by an acute angle of 0h28m8s, which is
> about (28/60)15 = 7 degrees. Thus we have (7/360)365 = 7.09 days, or about
> a week.] At that time, the Sun will be very near the Earth's equatorial
> plane. (Sept. 22 is the autumnal equinox.) Since the Earth's equatorial
> plane has a declination of zero by definition, that means EQ Peg will be
> about 19 degrees above the Sun when it has the same ascension coordinate as
> the Sun. That means the Sun and EQ Peg will *never* line up. --Mitchell
> Jones}***

My mistake, I punched in 20 Hours Right Ascension. The sun won't be at 23
Hours until the early part of March. Of course it will be higher in the
sky then. This whole line of thought is wrong still from the start.
BTW all the signals involved in the hoax were faked. That's why we call
it a hoax.

> ***{If you are referring to the speculations recently posted on Art Bell's
> website, I don't buy it. The guy they are claiming to be the hoaxer, based
> on his writings, appears to be a virtual illiterate. There is *no way* he
> could be the author of the posts originally attributed to Paul Dore, K.F.
> Benton, and Jay Oka. --Mitchell Jones}***

Art Bell's web site has identified the hoaxster? I wonder if the've
pieced together who else is involved. After all they did need a graphic
artist to edit the images as well as someone to maintain web pages and
fake email addresses.

Just checked the web page, yep same guy. To think I found him through
stumbling on a 'SETI pulses' lead by accident. For an illiterate he seems
to do a lot of writing of hoaxes.

Daniel Fox