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RE: SETI Off-topic Censorious Posts
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 13:04:14 -0000

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Apologies for this reply being off-topic. Please ignore if you're sick of
this crap.

Well, I can't comment on the first 7 (I'm just an interested observer in all
this), but I feel I can comment on the last two (as I'm into models &

Because that's what it is. A model. Quite well done, but just a model.
>From the quality & the copyright notice, I'd say that these were prospective
TV/film modellers who are looking at getting work (shouldn't be too long,
either). No hidden candle; just one that hasn't been magnified outside of
the link you posted.

Now, just being talented doesn't mean you immediately get a job in the
effects houses - one of my friends is as good (albeit on craft, weapons,
etc, and not on prosthetics), and he works as a programmer......model-making
is a hobby he get's much enjoyment out of. A lot of good effects people are
like that; while they would love to do it for a living, there isn't enough
demand in the industry. You have to either be good in several areas that
are needed by an effects house, or be extremely good in a specialised area
(prosthetics is a growing area, especially as craft models are being rapidly
replaced by CGI). But the supply far exceeds the demand, and probably
always will.



Mitchell Jones <> wrote :-

<most crap deleted>

> (8)
> (9)
> Links (8) and (9) are to a pair of photos that either show a dead alien,
> or
> show the work of an unknown hoaxer who is far, far more talented than any
> of the multi-million dollar creature-effects guys in Hollywood today. If
> you can explain to me why a person with this much talent would hide his
> candle under a basket, I'm all ears.