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Re: SETI Off-topic Censorious Posts
Sat, 14 Nov 1998 16:24:22 -0600

Hi Mr. Jones ...

I would like to ask You if You have checked with SOHO scientists
to ask them about this series of pictures ... they may have the
answer ... a simple one like dark current in the detector or maybe
cosmic rays or something about the way the scanner read's the info
or something simpler and less elaborate as a ship full of
alliens ....

By the way ... how do You know that EQ Peg coordinates are very close
to those of these so called "Sun Cruises" ... I didn't see any coord's
in the pictures and I beleive PEGASUS is not in the ecliptic... It
lies some 10 degrees above it ...

it seems either You know to much about the hoax or about these SOHO
images ...

> Mitchell Jones wrote:
> The only thing interfering with reasoned, scientific discussion in this
> group is censorious posts which aim to narrow the focus of discussion to an
> area--deep space SETI--where the odds against finding extraterrestrial
> intelligence are simply overwhelming. In my view, a "search for
> extraterrestrial intelligence" which refuses, on principle, to consider the
> possibility that there are ET's in our own back yard, is little more than a
> fraud. On the off chance that there may be some among you who are willing
> to search a bit closer to home, here are some links for you to mull over:
> (1)
> (2)
> (3)
> (4)
> (5)
> (6)
> (7)
> (8)
> (9)
> The first link, above, will take you to a website containing SOHO photos of
> a rather odd object which has been dubbed the "suncruiser." It looks to me
> like a gigantic alien starship. If you think you have a better explanation,
> I'm listening.
> Links (2) through (7), above, will take you to SOHO time lapse photos in
> which the camera lens was open for from 30 seconds to 7 minutes. During
> those intervals, some moving object left ghostly tracks on the film and,
> since its movement was clearly *not* following an inertial trajectory, the
> most reasonable explanation would seem to be that some sort of alien
> runabout, probably dispatched from the "suncruiser," was in the process of
> observing SOHO when the pictures were taken, and happened to move through
> the camera's field of vision. Again, if you think you have a better
> explanation, I'm listening.
> Links (8) and (9) are to a pair of photos that either show a dead alien, or
> show the work of an unknown hoaxer who is far, far more talented than any
> of the multi-million dollar creature-effects guys in Hollywood today. If
> you can explain to me why a person with this much talent would hide his
> candle under a basket, I'm all ears.
> By the way, if you find these photos to be intriguing, I urge you to
> download them into your machines while you can. I expect every one of them
> to disappear from these sites in the near future.
> As a footnote, I would suggest that you take due note of the fact that, on
> Oct. 22 when "Paul Dore" got his alleged SETI hit, the line of sight from
> his radiotelescope to EQ Peg was passing pretty close to the position of
> the "suncruiser." Those among you who have access to privately owned
> radiotelescope facilities would be well advised, in my opinion, to begin a
> systematic search of that region of the sky to see if you can pick up the
> signal in question.
> --Mitchell Jones


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