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Re: SETI More about the HOAX

Dave Pigott ( )
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 10:25:30 +0000

I don't know if this mail will make it to the SETI list, because I am not a
member, although I am tempted to join since SETI is one of my interests,
but I wanted to jump in and explain a couple of things:

First of all, let me introduce myself (I'm a man of wealth and means...doo,
doo, doo ;-)

I am a moderator (the only one that isn't Perry, at the moment) on Perry's
UASR list. When we first started the list, we did so because we were tired
of the lunatic fringe of UFOLOGY and wanted to set up a list where serious
discussion could take place on all aspects of UFOs, Aliens and even plain
old Space science and technology. We have something that I believe to be
unusual in such a list in that one of the moderators (i.e. me) is actually
a UFO sceptic. We did this so that we would always have a balance. I get
occasionaly flamed by the odd fringe member when I suggest alternative
explanations, or ask for evidence other than hearsay, but that's part of my
brief; my belief; my credo, thus I get enormous pleasure out of being a
part of UASR. Debate is intelligent, for the most part, and we have some
well informed, well educated people, who debate well and rationally.

What Perry is so upset about, I believe, is that he (and all of UASR by
inference) is being branded part of the lunatic fringe of Ufology, and that
is a disingenuous statement, let me tell you. Perry is rational and demands
the burden of proof. As he says, we always apply Occam's Razor to any
information: Not always a popular approach with some on the fringe, but
absolutely essential if one is to investigate sensibly.

Anyway, I thought I'd just add my 2 penneth worth to the debate, and now
I'll let you all get back to more weighty matters. :-)

Dave Pigott,
Moderator, UASR
(Physicist by training, not by profession :-)

At 6:29 pm +0000 12/11/98, PHENOMENA wrote:
>Daniel Boyd Fox <> wrote :
>>big snip
>>There doesn't need to be a Secret World Conspiracy(TM) to hide the truth
>>about extra-terrestrials, we have the UFO fringe working to sabotage any
>>serious searching.
>Oh right, so you think you are the only one that does serious searching ??
>What a selfish pitty conclusion.....
>>The truth is out there, but it is getting horribly mutilated by these people.
>Watch your words here Daniel Boyd Fox ! These people ??
>What are you talking about ?? Don't try to put me in the same corner as those
>who are followers of Hoagland and the like....
>Then you wrote:
>>1. There's all this evidence. <There's all this FAKED evidence.>
>=Your Opinion [and mine too...]
>>2. Everybody's talking about it so it must be true. <It does not follow.>
>=Most members on UASR don't believe the hype We want PROOF !
>3. If it's a hoax then why is it being debated? <The only real debate
> was with the UFO fringe who seem to be imperious to facts.>
>=Because you don't know us you can't say that ! On the UASR
>mailinglist we allways ask for facts, source, testemonies etc...
>4. It's being covered up by the government. <No it's being covered up by
> the UFO fringe to hide the fact they're being stupid.>
>=Thank you, we can't be all as intelligent as you ;-)
>5. Since the most complicated explanation is most likely the correct one,
> it must be true. <Yes, somebody did post this one on a news group.
> Occam is spinning in his grave.>
>=For your Information : we do use "Occam Razer"...
>>Just wanted to get it off my chest.
>And now get the hell of my back !! ;-)
>Perry van den Brink,[NL]
>owner UASR.