Louis Pinto ( )
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 19:53:53 -0500

At 10:56 AM 11/13/98 PST, etrc wrote:
>I am so distressed by the UFO pseudo-science people out there, when, in
>this age of good education and infomation availability people still believe
>that aliens are with us and flying saucers are everywhere,the main question
>I want everyone out there to ask themselves,"Why does ET only seems to want
>to appear,kidnap,land etc in the USA and no where else?" some times I think
>that the good ol USof A is a third world country when it comes to common

And I would ask of the general populace to have an open mind about these

But as for your question, ET does not seem to appear, kidnap, land etc only
in the
USA. There are many reports continuously pouring in from other countries. And
before you ask " why are ppl only abducted out in the woods at
night?"...that's not
true either. Don't let the tabloids and conspiracy "fanatics" be your
perception of
UFOlogy. Those "facts" probably came from a skeptic who simply didn't take
the time
to do much research on the subject. Although I don't particularly believe
in abductions
or flying saucers, I'm not going to just dismiss it as fluff. Just as a
believer should
question his beliefs and admit to the possibility that he could be wrong,
so should a skeptic..

Remember that many ppl believe that SETI is a waste of time and money,
because they think
it's ludicrous to believe that there are any other worlds besides our
own....and they refuse
to question the validity of those beliefs.

the Science Behind the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon