etrc ( (no email) )
Fri, 13 Nov 98 10:56:55 PST

I am so distressed by the UFO pseudo-science people out there, when, in
this age of good education and infomation availability people still believe
that aliens are with us and flying saucers are everywhere,the main question
I want everyone out there to ask themselves,"Why does ET only seems to want
to appear,kidnap,land etc in the USA and no where else?" some times I think
that the good ol USof A is a third world country when it comes to common
I also wish to echo Noels reply as I also have worked with and know the
scientists at ATCA,Parkes etc and if there were any credence to the EQ Peg
signal reported by the so called "Paul Dore" then they would have also
reported same.