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***{Since some of you appear to have bought into the hoax theory, I have
decided to amuse myself by dissecting the SETI institute's supposed "proof"
that this is all a hoax. Their report, with my annotations, is given below,
after the line of asterisks. (The original version of their report, without
my annotations, may be found at Since
the names of some of the principals in this affair are in dispute, I have
tried to place quotation marks around all of them, and no sarcasm is
intended by that usage. To assist the conformists among you in following my
presentation, I would ask that you simply pretend, while you are reading my
analysis, that the authorities can't be trusted. (I know that is utterly
inconceivable to you, but please humor me.) Enjoy! --Mitchell Jones}***

EQ Peg: A Detection?

Many visitors to this site may be aware of the claims of
an amateur astronomer in Great Britain, Paul Dore, to have found an
extraterrestrial signal in the direction of the star system EQ Pegasi.
While some attention has been paid to this claim by the (mostly British)
media, there is every indication that the claim is either an unrecognized
detection of terrestrial interference or a deliberate prank. There is even
evidence that the postings are, in fact, not the work of the real Paul Dore
(see below).

The star system in question, a pair of M-type dwarfs
approximately 21 light-years distant, was the subject of observations by
Project Phoenix at Arecibo in September. My report of this observation (and
a similar report written by me and published by MSNBC) noted that an
interesting candidate signal was found while Jill Tarter and I were
observing EQ Peg at 1210 MHz, but that within ten minutes we had detected
the signal in the "off" position, proving that it was terrestrial
interference. The write-up was intended to giv

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Dear Mr. Jones:

We have no interest--as we have said now several times-- in re-hashing
'conspiracy' theories. There is no ETI signal from EQ Peg. Period. That is my
direct, pithy and definitive statement, reiterated for your education.