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Re: SETI More about the HOAX

Noel Welstead ( (no email) )
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 20:58:30 +1000

Dear SETInet recipients,

I have watched with dismay as the quality of our much respected SETInet has has
degraded to such a dismal level that I think that I will pull the plug on this list as
Dr Shuch did a few weeks ago.
We are not part of the UFO fringe. We are supposed to be doing real SCIENCE, not
blabbering on like the uninformed rabble that regularly post the Garbage like what is below.

Let me tell you all ONCE & ONCE ONLY. The Australian CSIRO Division of Radio Physics
is an organisation that is beyond reproach. I am personal friends with many of the people that
are regularly mentioned on this list. Ray Norris's Data is exactly correct. The signal shown was
a satellite. The vertical scale of the graph is exaggerated. We, Us Real Scientists know these facts
and can actually read a printout from a Spectrum analyser. Who of you have actually seen the
very small bump that betrays the Hyd line. It is so small as not to be very noticeable at all. To glean
some data from this part of the electromagnetic spectrum you need to exaggerate the vertical scale

WOW, this causes stray signals present to (satellite transmissions) look enormous. You should all
go to the CSIRO's Parkes Observatory web page (13 beam) and look at the spectrum display
there. It will make you all go AHHH, Ray Norris is smart after all. He is not trying to pull the wool
over anyone's eyes, just report actual spectra from the Radio Telescope.

The "Very Narrow band Instrument" is not so narrow band after all. Go check out the facts for
some real data. What a crock of @#$@#%@@.

All this Garbage was dreamed up by those who will try and fool the uninformed who look to
others (who are mostly ignorant of the real world of radio astronomy and science in general)
for their informed information. There is obviously much to be gained in this world if you are
a charlatan who spreads the word of lies and deceit to those who will listen to them. It is
obvious that this Paul Dore and others including Richard Hoagland have much to gain from
spreading false ideas and information to the public. This type of organized disinformation
program (read the book "The Monuments Of Mars" for a laugh) is as sick a trick on the followers
of this type of "SCIENCE". This type of disinformation is much worse than anything the Government
is supposed to perpetrating on the public. No wonder the Government has said very little on
any of these issue's. I think they probably would have trouble keeping a straight face.

I am an ardent supported of free speech, and there a many things that need to be bought out
into the open from time to time. But this type stuff is a bit much. I am becoming an Advocate of
a closed general discussion group list that needs an acceptance to get access.

Let this corpse lie in peace.

Noel C. Welstead
SETIvolcor Eastern Australia.