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Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:03:22 +0100

Hello all on this SETI list,

I noticed that you talked about the HOAX as if everything is over....
Unfortunately some people [Richard Hoagland and a guy called Terry Rogers]
still spreading all kind of rumours about the signal and now they even talk
about a landing..... There are so many people that take everything they say for
Just look at this page and you know what I talk about :

Below is a posting with some comments from Dr. Richard Boylan to UASR

Best regards,
Perry van den Brink,
owner UASR.

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Response by Dr. Richard Boylan To Apparent Hoaxed-Landing-In-Planning

A report from Mr. Gersten asserts:

>Hoagland believes that there is presently an ongoing black ops project, Project Samson,
>involving the landing of 'spaceship' in a place north of Phoenix on December 7, 1998.
>He believes that the purpose of Project Samson is to create the impression of first
>contact and that the ETs are here to save the planet.

December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, the day America was caught by surprise
by an attack by a foreign invader with different-colored skin who didn't look like
Euro-Americans? What a coincidence!
I feel that the Caution Flag should be raised high. Mr. Hoagland has been
the target of disinformation scenarios in the past, and this one has the aroma
of the New York City Dump.

Gersten goes on:

>Hoagland also told me that he now knows the exact time and place of the landing
>...that it is definitely north of Phoenix, but wont reveal either until his information is
>confirmed by the happening of several pre-landing date events...the first in about
>two weeks.
>He stated that the latest he will wait to announce the exact location and time of
>landing will be no later than November 30th.

High drama. But all it means is that those metering out to Mr. Hoagland
the tidbits of disinformation they wish him to have are stringing things along,
hoping to inflame the interest of the UFO community in this latest "Hale-Bopp"-style
debacle. Those behind the scenes are good at marketing strategy.

Gersten continues:

> According to Richard [Hoagland], there is a dissident faction within the
>secret government that does not believe in the agenda that is about to unfold,
>and is leaking information to Richard and to the public through John Doe aka
>Paul Dore and other channels.

On the contrary, it is precisely the outlaw faction/Shadow Government
which is behind any STAGED Landing. Bill Clinton and other world leaders already
know of the extraterrestrial Visitors' presence here and benign intentions. Indeed,
the Bilderberg Council and the Council on Foreign Relations gave an extraterrestrial
diplomatic group their own island base in the South Pacific in the early 1950s.
Thus, there is no need for a "Landing". The ETs have been here for decades,
and have been visiting and gently influencing Earth's cultural development for millenia.

The giveaway that this Staged Landing is by the outlaw faction of the
UFO Cover-up is that the sources feeding Richard Hoagland disinformation say that
they _fear_ that the alleged Staged Landing ETs will be portrayed as here to save the
Earth. The outlaw faction of the UFO Cover- Up works for a reactionary, ultra-wealthy
global financial elite group anxious to hold onto world power. This facsist elite fear that
ETs in the open could jeopardize the "elite's" hold on world power. While they may
create an initial message to Hoagland that the landing will involve peaceful ETs, any
such stagecraft will be manipulated by the outlaw faction in ways that favor the
agenda of keeping power concentrated in the hands of the reactionary superwealthy
elite. And make no mistake, the outlaw faction of the UFO Cover-Up is in possession
of antigravity craft, advanced holography, and synthetic telepathy technology.
They could stage a fake "landing" that might appear plausible to the naive.

It is telling that I have heard nothing from Native Elders about such an alleged
ET landing, and nothing from the other sources I trust.

Thus, it is my view at this point that the UFO Community is getting set-up for
another Hale-Boppian pratfall, if they fall for this one. For a corrective view, the interested
may read my book, "Project Epiphany", which deals with a similar hoax attempt and its
ultimate exposure.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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of: "Close Extraterrestrial Encounters", "Labored Journey To The Stars" and "Project Epiphany".

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