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Fwd: [UASR]> Fw: SETI Hoax on Lauralee Show--on archives
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 19:41:24 EST

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Subject: Re: [UASR]> Fw: SETI Hoax on Lauralee Show--on archives
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 19:13:41 EST
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In a message dated 11/11/98 5:28:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, UFOLAWYER1

<< In a message dated 11/11/98 11:56:09 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< I made a point of mentioning the SL's work in debunking this hoax.>>

How wonderful! The hoax has been debunked. Now we can all sleep at
night...well except for one simple fact. WHY!

And so far no one has been able to explain to me how it is being
accomplished. The drama is still going on. Who is John Doe aka Paul Dore?
What is NSA's involvement? Who is still posting messages on that website? What
does the NSA Project 415 to do with this drama. Is there a connection to FEMA
and the new E.O.'s? How did Australia and Japan confirm something that never
existed...and if they didn't...then who did? Is there a Project Samson? Who is
feeding Hoagland information? And now another individual has proclaimed on his
website that his source has confirmed Hoagland's pronouncements. It would
appear than many people have spent both time and resources to produce this
drama. WHY! You can be sure that no one will come forward to take credit.
So what's the point?

Everyone is getting lost in whether there is or is not a signal; whether
there will be a landing on December 7th. Both are irrelevant. The EQ Pegasi
scenario is being presented to us for a reason. So I see no accomplishment in
simply proclaiming "we have debunked the hoax' unless of CAUS you can tell us
how and why it is being perpetrated in the first place. What is important in
this drama is the MOTIVE....not the plot.

Peter A. Gersten
Director, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS)

Hello Peter;

Your concerns fall outside the purview of this list. Surely there are some
conspiracy lists or NG's where such things are actively discussed. However
they have nothing to do with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence:-)