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SETI Cydonia is a Place Not a Face
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 14:32:43 +0000

The face disappeared with the recent HIGHER resolution imaging of
Mars. There is no face on Mars except in people's imaginations. When
I first saw the Cydonia Face, several years ago, I too (naively) was
taken with the impression depicted and the attendant 'story' sounded
to be gold. But in alt.alien.research (1995), a JPL engineer
presented information describing in detail imaging technique used and
the meters/pixel resolution of that image. This technical description
by the people who managed the design of the imager, the spacecraft
that delivered the imager and the people who recovered the data
from the uplink telemetery that created the aliased image of the
face said it was an illusion and I agree.

The meters/pixel part caused me to immediately suspect the image.

We all would love to find artificial structures on any of the
planetary bodies in the Solar System or anywhere else for that
matter. Once again, people have jumped to an incorrect conclusion
because they were not careful to thoroughly understand the data, and
have technically qualified peers review the data before going
public. Once something is in the public mind, right or wrong it is a
thing, and that is what the Cydonia Face is, it is a thing, another
urban legend.

Suspected ET artifacts whether energy or physical must be rigorously
verified first before conclusions are drawn. They are out there
and someday we will know some of the truth. There are other more
interesting movements with potential, why waste your time on this?


Walt Williams, 98.11.11

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Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 14:14:43 -0800
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Subject: Re: SETI Hoax on Lauralee Show--on archives wrote:
> Seth Shostak, myself, Michael Theroux,AND PAUL DORE were on 11/7 11/08 on the
> LL show. Although this is another radio program that showcases pseudo and
> fringe science

You really can't resist ragging on alternative science shows can you,
even ones which are gracious enough to have you on as a guest. How
rude can you get?

We'd recommend everyone here check out Laura's show on any night for
interesting conversation which isn't stifled by preconceived notions
and name calling.


All of the programs are archived for future listening in RealAudio.
You might care to listen to Laura's interview with yours truly
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BTW, Laura Lee also presents her show with JAVA slideshows and chat
live each night on Talkspot Explorations:


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