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Re: SETI Hoax on Lauralee Show--on archives
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 15:41:53 EST

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> wrote:
> >
> > Seth Shostak, myself, Michael Theroux,AND PAUL DORE were on 11/7 11/08 on
> the
> > LL show. Although this is another radio program that showcases pseudo and
> > fringe science
> You really can't resist ragging on alternative science shows can you,
> even ones which are gracious enough to have you on as a guest. How rude
> can you get?

Chip, please don't bother responding. Intelligent people will know the
appropriate response is a nonresponse.

Cydonia, please refrain from this kind of flame war. Just remember, we are all
on the same side here. Fractenna is not your enemy. Please do not try to make
him one. His opinion carries weight here, so please be nice.

This list is intended to be a scientific list. As such, scientists will have
their doubts as to the validity of other approaches, to say the least. How
would you have him phrase the statement, which refers to fringe sciences.
Since I detect no predjudice in his phrasing, but you do, I think the onus is
upon you to tell us how you would refer to sciences that are outside the
mainstream. Maybe next time we will try to be more politically correct.

John Marcus.