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Re: SETI Hoax on Lauralee Show--on archives
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 14:55:58 EST

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> Seth Shostak, myself, Michael Theroux,AND PAUL DORE were on 11/7 11/08 on
> LL show. Although this is another radio program that showcases pseudo and
> fringe science

You really can't resist ragging on alternative science shows can you,
even ones which are gracious enough to have you on as a guest. How rude
can you get?

We'd recommend everyone here check out Laura's show on any night for
interesting conversation which isn't stifled by preconceived notions and
name calling.


All of the programs are archived for future listening in RealAudio. You
might care to listen to Laura's interview with yours truly concerning
artificial structures at Cydonia on Mars, including Face II:
Real Audio of our interview
Introductory Information
Face II at Cydonia on Mars: The Anunnaki?

BTW, Laura Lee also presents her show with JAVA slideshows and chat live
each night on Talkspot Explorations:


The WebMaster
Cydonia '98 Update

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Thank you for your comments Mark. Just so you are aware, fringe/pseudosciences
are not the same as science. It is not rude to point out there is a
distinction. There is no "'alternative" to science: something either IS
science or isn't. Thus my statement, which you did not fully quote.

I have no agenda here: I was asked to provide info on debunking the hoax---or
do you STILL doubt that this WAS A HOAX--and gave up part of a good night's
sleep to do so. If you want my opinion on the show, I reiterate that Laura
Lee did a nice job.

It is sad that when a scientist points out the truth, he or she is considered
'rude'; 'vitriolic'; and so on. Well, sorry Mark, but I and others will
continue to do so on this forum. Perhaps if you take comments at face value
you will be enlightened further and are welcome to do so.