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SETI A Big Bang, but not .....

Walt Williams ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 09:56:23 +0000

Hello Frits,

The PSN group is orthodox seismology oriented with strong interests
to construct and use instruments. Nice group. Very strong
technical ethnicity. An anarchical organization formulated around
the list.

In my PSN Station, PSN #56, I have a Lehman horizontal (year in
construction and calibration) and have just added a 10 Hz strong
motion vertical seismometer. I am currently using an eight channel
BSoft A/D for quantisizing (P5/200 pc win95 migrating to Linux) and I
made my own amps & filters. We all use Larry Cochrane's software,
called SDR, which is seismic analysis and data recorder, excellent.
With several stations reporting, we can (and do) identify very
accurately, seismic events anywhere on Earth. If you would care to
have a look-see at my seismic station:

Be warned: there are several pictures and some say
the load time is long. I am biased, but I think it is worth
the wait :))

There are also links to the PSN there.

As an added trivia, some of us in the PSN are registered as
data sources with the USGS in Golden Colorado,

Best Wishes,
Walt Williams, 98.11.11


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On 1998-11-10 said:
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>In my other favorite list, the PSN-L,

Hello Walt,

I read your message on the SETI list, and am curious which topics the
PSN-L covers.

Thanks for the info!

Best regards,
Frits Westra --

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>(participating there, I have
>constructed a functioning long period horizontal seismograph +
>electronics, <=20 seconds), there was an interesting post
regarding >energy released in the 1908 Tunguska atmospheric
explosion. >I wonder would it have also have generated broad band
RF spectra? >How? >Any comments would be appreciated. >See:
> >Thank you. >Walt
Williams, 98.11.10 >