archiv~1: RE: SETI Arecibo message to m13

RE: SETI Arecibo message to m13

jbrown2 ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 06:57:08 -0800

It's confusing I agree but I found that a simple cut'n past from MS Word
works fine in this mail client(Outlook).

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> Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 1998 5:42 PM
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> Subject: Re: SETI Arecibo message to m13
> There is no way to read in a text file into an email
> message. The only option is attachments unfortunately!
> I've suggested to NETSCAPE and QUALCOMM to allow
> reading text files directly into an email message but
> no dice. They want us to use attachments ---