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Re: SETI A Big Bang, but not what one may think

Bruce Bourdon ( (no email) )
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 21:37:22 -0500

Walt Williams wrote:

In my other favorite list, the PSN-L, (participating there, I have
constructed a functioning long period horizontal seismograph +
electronics, <=20 seconds), there was an interesting post regarding
energy released in the 1908 Tunguska atmospheric explosion.

I wonder would it have also have generated broad band RF spectra?

As a new lurker, who enjoys science much more than he understands it, I feel
uneasy commenting here. Nevertheless:

Remember the comet, Shoemaker Levey (sp?), that crashed into Jupiter about a
year ago? As it slammed into the Jovian atmosphere it heated to tremendous
temperatures (and decelerated rapidly as it reached the denser layers
releasing some of its energy into a shock wave that then propagated through
the atmosphere, etc.). Some of its kinetic energy was transformed into
thermal energy which radiated (as electromagnetic waves) in a broad spectrum
including the radio, infrared and visible frequencies. There were also
ionized particles created, I assume, by the high temperatures which would
also radiate but these may have been "drowned out" by the levels of the
former... Review blackbody radiation for an understanding on the spectral
nature of this radiation. Briefly, there would be a somewhat (one sided??)
gaussian curve with the amplitude maximum wavelength corresponding to the
mean temperature of the fireball.

My understanding is far too crude to go much beyond this, but it leads to a
few more interesting (for me anyway) questions. Can some of the kinetic
energy go directly into radiant electromagnetic waves? (I suspect so, but
cannot explain this.) And are electromagnetic waves generated whenever there
is an energy transfer, whether kinetic, potential (i.e.; chemical, which
should because of the electron orbit transitions) etc.?

Anyway, my two cents. Thanks in advance for a little mercy on a feeble
minded amateur.

BTW, what is the PSN-List?