archiv~1: SETI Civilian Astronauts # 17

SETI Civilian Astronauts # 17
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 09:33:17 -0600

CAC Progress Report # 17

November 10, 1998

CAC Members, friends, and associates,

We are quite pleased to advise you that American Express has included
the Civilian Astronauts Corps Mayflower Expedition in its extraordinary
gift catalog called Departures.

Tell your friends that they can use their American Express cards to join.

.... American Express . . . don't leave earth without it!

The CAC's new flight animation video is available on b-roll to all news
organizations that want to use it. We also have it on VHS for those that
can use that format.

Thank you for your continued interest in this important project.

Harry Dace
CAC Director
403 NASA Road 1 East, Suite 2000
Houston, Texas USA 77598
Tel: 281-482-4005
Fax: 281-482-8129

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