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SETI Great attractor

etrc ( (no email) )
Sat, 07 Nov 98 22:40:40 PST

Jerry and Judy,the great attractor is a hypothetical force that attracts
our super cluster of galaxy's away from the "centre" of the big bang.90% of
the matter in the universe is "dark" and as such cannot be detected except
for the effect this mass exerts on the "visible" matter,this dark matter is
beleived to be the "great attractor",in radio electronics a hypothetical
"black body" is used as a model to test radiation etc and in astrophysics
the similar is the dark matter or the Great attractor,space is 4
dimensional and as such direction is always spherical,or movement in all
directions at once,I hope this helps you ..Regards Leon Darcy ETRC.