archiv~1: SETI: RCWA Special Event Station

SETI: RCWA Special Event Station

Ray Shank ( )
Sat, 07 Nov 1998 18:33:34 -0600

Subject: Argus: RCWA Special Event Station

Okay all you SETI hams out there. Here's a little diversion from the
normal discussions on this list.

Being in Claremore Oklahoma, our ham club RCWA has agreed to set up a
special event station in celebration of Will Rogers Days, in alliance with
the Will Rogers Memorial which is located here in Claremore. We will
actually be setup in the Will Rogers Memorial, and our special event call
sign is W5R.

We are issuing a really cool certificate and QSL cards to those who make
contact with us and send a SASE.

It will be on the air from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST this Saturday and Sunday,
Nov 7 & 8th. You might want to check in. The freqs are 7.230,
14.280,21.330,28.385,50.190,144.190. Each contact bears a serial number
and will appear on the certificate.

I'm trying to create a link so I can put the log on the Internet. I will
be on our clubs web page at If what I've heard
is true, then we will be the first to actually have the event logs show on
the Internet at almost 'real time.'

It ought to be a real gas. Hope to hear from some of you guys.