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SETI Re: Argus: CPU Lead Shielding
Sat, 7 Nov 1998 14:58:16 EST

I'm not really an engineer, but I think that a lead shield would be more
for things like nuclear reactors and x-ray generators. (Blocking harmful
(I used to fix new PC & printer designs that wouldn't pass FCC class B).

As for a RF goes, putting all the screws in the PC cover may help.
If you want to get rid of 90% of the RFI output, try putting ferrites on
all your
I/O lines (printer, modem, KB, Mouse, video, audio out&in, AC & etc).
Those I/O lines will hurt you a lot more than a leaking plastic front
There is not much more you can do for a CRT, besides turing it off..

If your PC has a lot of low frequency output (older CPU=more HF RFI), you
may consider going to a faster motherboard. I used to get wacked on 20m..

My Dish is out in the back yard, (not aimed at my PCs) so I've never
heard any
RFI up in the 1 to 2 Ghz range. (I've never had the cover on my Pentium

If you are not using good hardware in the shack (N connectors etc) and
a lot of alligator clips hanging on your radio's RF input (or LNA's with
the cover
off), you may get some RFI on you SETI rig.

Lead dust is not good for you. Melt it down and make bullets or fishing
sinkers, but don't use it for RF shielding. (It may not be legal to put
in a dump)
A few strips of metal duct tape would be a lot better. (cheap at the
hardware store).
In case of war, thin metal tape will also block a lot of radioactive
particles too.

Note: The above may not apply if your PC case is made entirely of
As I am on east coast time, this may not be true in California. ;-)

Later Dudes, Rich <>

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