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Re: SETI Pegasus

Chris Johnson ( )
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 15:26:24 -0800 (PST)

---James Sharman wrote:

> |In the human brain, the part responsible for memory is
> |the hippocampus. The word means "sea horse." Stedmans
> |medical dictionary says it is a white eminence. Thus
> |in the human brain at the point of memory is the white
> |sea horse. Pegasus!
> I'll grant you the meaning of the word hippocampus but as to its
function it
> i think not. The present best guess as to the function of the
hippocampus is
> that it is the centre of emotions and has a lot to do with the
> nervous system. In addition to this, memory can not be tied to one
> area of the brain, it is thought to envolve many areas of the brain
but is
> known to envolve protean synthesis around the synapsis.

I think I'll jump in here. I'm no doctor, but I'm fairly sure the
hippocampus (which always sounds to me like a gay latin hippo - ...
bye bye credibility) is responsible for organising the short-term
memory and deciding what goes into long term storage (if not deciding,
then just doing it). Thus, anyone with a damaged hc will not be able
to remember anything between the last few hours and the time the
damage occured.

I think I saw this on a David Suzuki special "The Brain" (and only
days later on Star Trek DS9 - now, that was spooky).

Now, let the mythology continue!

Chris J.

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