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Nothing like a good bit of solid hard science to unclog the synapsis for the


ps: I have included a few of my own comments on the original post if anyone
is interested.

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Date: 06 November 1998 13:45
Subject: SETI Pegasus

|I know that many of you have been following the Art Bell program
|especially as it relates to the alleged intelligent signals coming
|from Pegasus.

And many of us have been getting just a little bit tired of it.

[ snip ]

|The Book of Revelation states that it is the white horse in the sky
|that will herald the return of Christ. Christ consciousness, Krishna
|consciousness, New Age Consciousness, call it what you will. The
|symbol that is supposed to herald its arrival is the white horse.

|As the scripture says, "Heaven opened and behold a white horse."
|If we are to look upward we will find a white horse in the sky. The
|constellation Pegasus. Thus this current fascination with Pegasus
|is well placed.

Well, the text quoted is Revelation 19:11 "I saw heaven standing open and
there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called faithful and true.
With justice he judges and makes war" (full text of Rev 19:11 taken from the
New Internation Version). As always it is very difficult to apply a
litteral interpritation to such prophetic writeings (this is part of a
description of one of John's visions). However the words "I saw heaven
standing open and there before me was a white horse" strongly suggest that
the vision is not one normaly apprent in the every day night sky.

In addition to this, whilst the hebrews were certainly aware of Roman and
Greek mythology they held it in contempt and it is very unlikely that the
hebrews (or to an even the greater extent the early christians) would have
made a reference to the constalation pegasus.

I also find it interesting that the writer is ready to take these few words
from Revelation that (at first glance at least) support his view whilst
ignoreing the rest of the book that contridicts his views in the extreme.
(let alone the rest of the Bible).

A white horse is also refered to in Reveleation 6 as the first of the four
horsemen. The apperance of the four coinside with the opening of the first
four (of the seven) seals.

|In 1995 an amazing discovery was made in Pegasus when a sun
|that was a twin of ours was discovered with an orbiting planet.
|This had never happened before.

Made possible by a process that has since discoverd many other planets
orbiting many other stars. The process detects the effect that the gravity
of a large gas giant has on its sun. A most interesting discovery of course
but I'm not sure of the signficance here. Current theorys on star formation
suggest that planets are plentiful and probably exist in virtualy all star

|To deepen the connection to Revelation the scripture goes
|on to say that thousands followed upon white horses. A few
|days after the planetary discovery in Pegasus the associated
|press reported that scientists observed thousands of stars
|moving towards the earth as bees toward a hive.

A rough quote of Rev 19:14. I would actualy be very interested in any
pointers towards this discovery (I have not heard of it). However if indeed
there are "thousands of stars moving towards the earth as bees toward a
hive." they are not due to get here for a very long time and so are unlikely
candidates for a literal translation of the text. Furthermore the
suggestion in the text is that the Army following on white horses is
composed of Angels or Christs followers (or both) and since acording to
Biblical texts both have been observed walking on earth there is little
comparison to be drawn with stars (which if I remember correctly are much
bigger than earth, and somewhat hotter).

|But let me express to you a deep reason why we should take
|this attention being given to Pegasus very seriously.
|Pegasus is a white horse. His father is Poseidon which
|makes Pegasus a white sea horse.

Well, i'm entirely unsure as to where you get this from, although exact
details of the legends of greek mythology are limited at best I can find no
reference to Poseidon as the father of pegasus, infact the origin of
Pegasus in mythology is that he (it?) sprang from the blood of the medusa
when Perseus cut of her head.

|In the human brain, the part responsible for memory is
|the hippocampus. The word means "sea horse." Stedmans
|medical dictionary says it is a white eminence. Thus
|in the human brain at the point of memory is the white
|sea horse. Pegasus!

I'll grant you the meaning of the word hippocampus but as to its function it
i think not. The present best guess as to the function of the hippocampus is
that it is the centre of emotions and has a lot to do with the autonomic
nervous system. In addition to this, memory can not be tied to one specific
area of the brain, it is thought to envolve many areas of the brain but is
known to envolve protean synthesis around the synapsis.

|Pegasus was sacred to the 9 muses because his hoof opened
|the fountain on Mt Helicon. The mother of the muses
|was Mnesomy (may have spelled that wrong). The
|important thing is Mnesomy is the goddess of memory.

Well, yes you spelt it wrong Mnemosyne is the correct spelling (I think). in
both Greek and Roman mythology Pegasus was the _favourate_ (or belovid in
some texts) of the 9 muses, not sacred (in any text I can find). In addition
since vitualy no 2 sources on the muses can even agree on their names let
alone their function I find it hard to accept any portion of these myths
carries a deep sygnificace to this day even if such a significance existed

In a quick scurry through my library I find no reference to a fountain on Mt
Helicon but Greek mythology does have it that pegasus created the spring
Hippocrene so their might be a connection.

[ large snip of statements based on the above 'facts' ]

|One last thing. The Bible has Jesus coming back on
|the white horse. In the center of the hippocampus
|(Pegasus/the white horse), is an organ called
|Ammons Horn. Another name for Ammon is Amen.

Actualy the term Ammons horn is a reference to the rams headed god Ammon,
The god Ammon (also spelt Amun) comes from Egyptian mythology (from an
earlyer worship of a god called Thebes). Worship of Ammon spread into greek
and Roman mythology. The term Amen however comes from a hebrew word meening
'so be it'.


|So the great thing is about to happen. I also would
|not worry about the claim of a hoax. People who are
|not ready cannot see UFO's nor can they understand
|crop circles and they will not hear the sounds from

Very convienient. Does this inability to see when not a beliver extend to
radio telescopes? If so surely the radio telescope will see/hear the same
regardless of the operator. If however it is the belief of the operator /
analyser that are in question then prehaps the graphs clearly containing the
hallmarks of a fake will somehow change if my beliefs were to change.

|Those who are coming do not intend to make an
|advance notice to those on the outside concerning
|their arrival. Those who do not see will be hostile
|as they are to us.

Once again I have to say I can't fault the writer hear. I personaly (along
with most of the world) hold several beliefs that have little proof in 'hard
science' and require faith and I feel that people are entitled to hold such
faith without challenge. However this text where it dips into Revelation,
Biology and Greek/Roman myth opens itself up to attack.

That said,

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend.