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Re: SETI Spectrum Analyzer. (PC).

John F Wilson ( )
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 18:51:00 +0000

They definitely exist and I went as far as getting a brochure on one.
However it was too low a spec for use at work and too high a cost to buy
for home so I'm afraid I threw the brochure out.

I was also rather concerned about the wisdom of putting a spectrum
analyser inside a high level noise generator aka a PC. A second hand HP
unit might be a better buy.


John G3UUT

Walt Williams wrote:
> Hello Ken, Daniel,
> Sorry to butt in,
> I too am interested in these adapters if they exist. I seem to
> remember seeing them advertised in the back of Wireless and Microwave
> magazine. I threw them all out recently so I can not check.
> Walt Williams, 98.11.06
> ==================================