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(Fwd) SETI Pegasus

Walt Williams ( (no email) )
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 09:33:46 +0000


I often hear Arthur C. Clark's 7th Law, "any sufficiently
advanced technology would indistinguishable from magic",
quoted these days.

If an interstellar space-faring technically advanced ET were to visit
Earth they, recalling Clark's 7th Law, would probably appear to match
the perceived definition of divinity to some.

Sooner or later, if they exist, Earthian's will have an exciting
period. Let us 'pray' we survive. :))

....occurred to me in the past......

"Ok, so let's get this straight, God, is an ET psionic
(machine telepathy) Interstellar InterNetwork which has psionic
access nodes. Since the nodes are psionic, they exist in all points
of space, (and convenient too).

Over large periods of time emergent civilizations accidentally
access the ET network. Some develop praying schools (religious
bodies, churches), and methods (religious doctrines, prayers,
mantras). When one accidentally uses the correct mental
instructions during 'praying or meditation', they can access the
interstellar network. Further if they accidentally use the correct
sequence of instructions 'miracles' manifest. Groups form who
specialize in the technical understanding of the access sequences
(Secret Brotherhoods --Masons, Martinists, Rosicrucians, Knights of
Columbus) (BB:. is salivating). Those who are more 'in-tune' with the
'cosmic mind' (perception of access) are those who remember the steps
and stay logged-on the longest (wise men, Pope, healers,
channelers, and etc.). All information gathered from zillions of
civilizations are stored (akashic records) and are accessible via
this ET interstellar InterNetwork.

But, ET knowing that emergent civilizations develop
randomly(?) distributed throughout the universe, have alert
mechanisms embedded for their notification when specific 'access'
set-point levels or weights are hit. They then send their interstellar
probes to investigate (sightings) and to determine if the emergent
civilization are progressed (e*x~qtl --alien) far enough for
admittance into the galactic club and if not they are studied. "

Ehh....just babbling. (accidentally accessed the network --some call
it channeling) :))

Yup, all my credibility just disappeared, like magic!

Walt Williams, 98.11.06
Please forgive me :))

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Subject: SETI Pegasus
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 98 02:26:04 +1300
From: cafe <>
To: "Lofthouse" <>, <>


I know that many of you have been following the Art Bell program
especially as it relates to the alleged intelligent signals coming
from Pegasus.

I cannot comment on whether this is a hoax or not. I am not
qualified. However what definitely is not a hoax is that
more and more attention is being directed to Pegasus and I wanted to
go over with you why this is so important.

The Book of Revelation states that it is the white horse in the sky
that will herald the return of Christ. Christ consciousness, Krishna
consciousness, New Age Consciousness, call it what you will. The
symbol that is supposed to herald its arrival is the white horse.

As the scripture says, "Heaven opened and behold a white horse."
If we are to look upward we will find a white horse in the sky. The
constellation Pegasus. Thus this current fascination with Pegasus is
well placed.

In 1995 an amazing discovery was made in Pegasus when a sun
that was a twin of ours was discovered with an orbiting planet.
This had never happened before.

To deepen the connection to Revelation the scripture goes
on to say that thousands followed upon white horses. A few
days after the planetary discovery in Pegasus the associated
press reported that scientists observed thousands of stars
moving towards the earth as bees toward a hive.

But let me express to you a deep reason why we should take
this attention being given to Pegasus very seriously.

Pegasus is a white horse. His father is Poseidon which
makes Pegasus a white sea horse.

In the human brain, the part responsible for memory is
the hippocampus. The word means "sea horse." Stedmans
medical dictionary says it is a white eminence. Thus
in the human brain at the point of memory is the white
sea horse. Pegasus!

Pegasus was sacred to the 9 muses because his hoof opened
the fountain on Mt Helicon. The mother of the muses
was Mnesomy (may have spelled that wrong). The
important thing is Mnesomy is the goddess of memory.

Thus Pegasus in the myth is connected with memory and
the Pegasus in your brain, the hippocampus, is the place
of memory.

Another point. Mt Helicon is the place of the fountain
of the Muses that Pegasus activated. Helicon means
spiral. The place within where one rises to the point
of the hippocampus or Pegasus of the brain is
at the base of the spine activated by Kundalini
the coiled serpent. The spiral.

Thus Pegasus in the sky and Pegasus in the human
brain are aligned. For what purpose. To restore
your memory. To bring you back to an understanding
of who you really are and where you are really going.

One last thing. The Bible has Jesus coming back on
the white horse. In the center of the hippocampus
(Pegasus/the white horse), is an organ called
Ammons Horn. Another name for Ammon is Amen.

Jesus in Revelation is called The Amen. Thus the
Christ, (Ammon/Amen) really does ride the
white horse as it sits in the middle of the
hippocampus or Pegasus.

So the great thing is about to happen. I also would
not worry about the claim of a hoax. People who are
not ready cannot see UFO's nor can they understand
crop circles and they will not hear the sounds from

Those who are coming do not intend to make an
advance notice to those on the outside concerning
their arrival. Those who do not see will be hostile
as they are to us.

So don't be concerned about hoax or no hoax.
Attention is turning to Pegasus within and without
and that is exactly how it was written. Now the
drama will unfold.