archiv~1: Re: SETI Arecibo message to m13

Re: SETI Arecibo message to m13

Alfred A. Aburto Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 05 Nov 1998 05:35:49 -0800

Yes, 3 minutes was it. I checked in Frank Drake & Dava Sobel's
book: "Is Anyone Out There?", pagae 181 (available from the SETI
Institute gift shop).

The probability of detecting that one signal is extremely low.

If it were detected it would, all by it self, be interesting
because it would be a strange and complex signal (message really)
which would arouse the interest (hopefully) of any intelligent
reasoning entity.

One reason I like the SETI Institute approach is that they are
searching individual stars within 200 LY of Earth looking for
deliberate or 'leakage' signals. That is exactly what they should
do with the high sensitivity intruments (Arecibo and other big
radio telescopes, also optical telescopes too (a new addition to
their search strategy)). Their problem is that they look for only
a few hours at a time --- periodically they will need to revisit
those stars to see if anything has changed ...

Al Aburto

> David Woolley wrote:
> > need to be looking at the right time (!), the right 3
> > minutes in a time span covering, say, several billion
> If it really only was a 3 minute transmission:
> - it would not be verified by current peer review processes if detected
> on earth;
> - in one sense, the communicating lifetime of the human civilisation might
> only be 3 minutes, which rather reduces the Drake equation score - of
> course this doesn't allow for leakage signals.