archiv~1: Re: SETI Autralia Telescope Compact Array Data?

Re: SETI Autralia Telescope Compact Array Data?

Noel Welstead ( (no email) )
Thu, 05 Nov 1998 22:09:44 +1000

Dear Mark,

The data on the ATNF site shows exactly what it is. Nothing. A receiving
station in
the UK, if that's where it was?? would see the EQ Pegasi system mostly the
same as the
ATNF facility here in Australia. A Geo-stationary satellite would be in a
different position
as seen from Australia due to parallax error effects. So the satellite
detected from Australia
would most probably be a different one that the one originally observed by
the hoaxer. There
ar a great number of satellites up there. The Iridium group is new. They
transmit in the region
of the "HIT". The fact that "Mr Dore" got a signal is nothing new. We see
them all the time.
It's just Earthlings making lots of noise that get the unaware every time.
This is not ET. This
is not an ET Probe coming towards us at 4000 m/s. This is a HOAX.. The data
is all fabricated
I looked at it myself. The whole scenario is fiction for a book or
something. It is a sad joke.
Believe 20% of what you see and 5% of what you read, then you will be safe.

Noel C. Welstead,
SETI Volcor Brisbane Australia..

Mark wrote:

> Greetings...
> O.K., so anything CAN be a hoax. Even if you just treat it as a
> diversionary brainteaser, those with a few minutes, please explain what
> you see at this URL:
> Looking forward to LEARNING. Frankly, as Hoagland said tonight, this
> event won't set back SETI 100 years as someone said today (what a
> joke!), instead this story, hoax as it may be, seems to have brought
> more interest, attention, awareness, new people of ALL ages learning
> about and curious about SETI. Wish you all would lighten up.
> knowwhatimean?
> Isn't that something you will all at least recognize? It seems rather
> obvious. So keep explaining away hoaxes, because frankly that will only
> add to the effect and importance of your words when YOU do find the real
> thing. Kapeesh?
> Have some fun with it for G-d's well as the rest of us,
> including you.
> Peace,
> Mark