archiv~1: SETI Autralia Telescope Compact Array Data?

SETI Autralia Telescope Compact Array Data?

Mark ( )
Thu, 05 Nov 1998 03:04:22 -0800


O.K., so anything CAN be a hoax. Even if you just treat it as a
diversionary brainteaser, those with a few minutes, please explain what
you see at this URL:

Looking forward to LEARNING. Frankly, as Hoagland said tonight, this
event won't set back SETI 100 years as someone said today (what a
joke!), instead this story, hoax as it may be, seems to have brought
more interest, attention, awareness, new people of ALL ages learning
about and curious about SETI. Wish you all would lighten up.


Isn't that something you will all at least recognize? It seems rather
obvious. So keep explaining away hoaxes, because frankly that will only
add to the effect and importance of your words when YOU do find the real
thing. Kapeesh?

Have some fun with it for G-d's well as the rest of us,
including you.