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SETI The 1999 Bruno Award

David Ocame ( )
Wed, 04 Nov 1998 23:01:53 -0500

Dear SETIzens,

It is time to put this hoax behind us and look to the work we have at
hand. Time will be soon when the deadline for the 1999 Bruno Awards
nominees is upon us. I cannot stress how important this award is to the
League. It's presentation to honored person(s) has tremendous public
relations value and puts us in the public eye. Acceptance by the public
is very important for advancing our case - it helps give us

I ask you all, therefore, to take a few moments and really think - are
there any person(s) you know of that would be great candidates to
receive the Bruno Award? If so, then please send their name(s) to me
along with a listing of their contributions to the field of SETI

For details on this award, I refer you to the League's webpage
<>. I urge you all to review
the rules and regulations set forth by the SETILeague, Inc. Remember,
this is OUR award. Let's give this some thought.

"Nominate early and often. Stke your claim now. Remember, fortune is
fleeting, but fame endures forever!"

I look forward to hearing from all of you soon.


David M. Ocame
Awards Committee Chair,
The SETILeague