archiv~1: Re: SETI Something wicked this way cometh!

Re: SETI Something wicked this way cometh!

David Ocame ( )
Wed, 04 Nov 1998 16:35:07 -0500

Webmaster-Terry/Mccloud wrote:
> Hi,
> I checked every page this person has about the signal and the whole site is
> closed down. Now why would this happen? Every page has the
> National Security Agency symbol on it. Now is this even more of a hoax, or
> did the government really shut his site down. If they did then it clearly
> shows that there is something behind this. Why would they give a dam?
> hmmmmmmmmmmm
> Something is up forsure.
> here is his site URL again.
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Or, maybe to give his story SOME credibility - HE put the symbols on his
own website. Maybe nothing is up:)