archiv~1: Re: SETI Something wicked this way cometh!

Re: SETI Something wicked this way cometh!

Ray Gardiner ( )
Thu, 5 Nov 1998 06:43:40 +1000

>Terry Tim Rodgers Wrote:
>I checked every page this person has about the signal and the whole site is
>closed down. Now why would this happen? Every page has the
>National Security Agency symbol on it. Now is this even more of a hoax, or
>did the government really shut his site down. If they did then it clearly
>shows that there is something behind this. Why would they give a dam?
>Something is up forsure.

I really don't wish to waste time on this, however, the whole exercise
smacks of an attempt at engineering a "media virus". The effort appears
to have failed, since the mainstream media has largely ignored the story.

This latest mutation, is an attempt to invoke paranoia and drag out
the conspiracy loonies. Perhaps this is the real virus?

I think that this now getting close to the end of the hoax, this
particular web site has been at the center(if not the source) of all the
manufactured dis-information. Either the guy running that site is
an active conspirator, or a gullible fool.

Ray Gardiner VK3YNV QF23TP

Ray Gardiner